Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Carolee Schneemann

Alright, I know Carolee Schneemann is old news but she's great and the mama of many of the movements and styles I love so I wanted to make a post about her. She's done a lot of crazy stuff like paint her self with mud while standing on a table and then reading from a scroll as she pulled it out of her vagina (which she's most famous for) but she's also done some video art like "Meat Joy", which is a video of a group of nearly naked men and women joyfully rolling around and wrestling with each other covered in chicken and fish and then later paint and paper debris, or a surreal distorted video called "Fuses" of her and her boyfriend having sex which is meant to be from the perspective of her observing cat. Other than this she's done other performance art that has to do with the body, transformation and distortion. I'll put stills and links to some of her video's below!

 From "Meat Joy"

 From "Fuses"

From "Eye Body"

Other miscellaneous projects (including a shout out to Ana Mendieta called Hand/Heart for Mendieta!)

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